Our History

It seems like yesterday.

Imagine the scene: me, my wife, two small children and some suitcases on a Caravan 74. It was January 10th, 1982. The destination? Paraty. I was leaving my parents, my brother and 16 years of public civil service to take over the hotel that we’ve leased from my father-in-law and my mother-in-law. It was how I got started in the hospitality industry.

But my dream was bigger than that. I wanted our own Inn.
Well, the first thing that I needed, I had it already: a good family. Believe me, without a good family you don’t get anywhere. They are the ones who put you up, encourage you, give you the strength to get there. As a matter of fact, let me present them: Sirney, my wife; Felipe and his wife Mari; Rachel, Cesar and little Pietra – that loves running around the pool with her little pink swimsuit and her kiddy rings around her arms. You need great friends too, truthful friends, as we have Oswaldo and Tina.
Anyway, back to our history…

We bought the land, thought about the design and started the construction.
I saw the first bricks being placed; the first dashes of paint; the seedlings of flowers for the garden. And on December 27th, 1985 we inaugurated the Villaggio Inn. I remember our first guests as if it were today, two girls from the brazilian state of Minas Gerais. It was such a pleasure to host them that it ended up turning into our trademark in these 30 years. 30 years. You have no idea what we’ve lived and learned during this time. Paraty and its wonderful people welcomed us in such a kind way, as they do with everyone who visit them. This city has something magic in the air.

What to say about our team? The team that work with us for several years is formed by people with a gleam in their eyes, who work to make this home the extent of their own. Our team is the soul of the Inn. In this kind of business it is required to be a people’s person. And they are. This is a gift.

What about the tourists! Thousands from Brazil and around the world who have been here have left a little of their history and helped build ours. This is a blessing.

So… 30 years of affection, of pride, of a dream that came true and still does everyday, guest by guest, whom we kindly call “friends”. And whom we are always happy to welcome and receive in our Inn.



José Vieira Ramos St - no number - Paraty - RJ - Brazil

(55) + 24 - 3371 1870 / (55) + 24 - 3371 2950


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